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Analog converter example

RPIPLC an analog converter example



Video: potmeter.mp4


This guide will show you how to create and run an analog converter example on the Raspberry Pi board.    

RPisPLC Rapsberry Pi a simple PLC

Raspberry Pi (Model B + V1.2) simple PLC usable for home automation

An attempt to implement a simple PLC into a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

Ladder Diagram running light example: ldr.hlp.running.light.mp4
RPIPLC HW running light example: rpi.running.light.mp4

DCIBUS (Elektor)

DCIBUS The Elektor article.

RS485 home network with a maximum of 64 terminals.
Published in issue 316, December 2002
Elektor project page.


DCIPLC a computer-simulated PLC.

The Elektor article.


a computer-simulated PLC
Published in issue 300, June 2001
Elektor project page.

Elektor project page.


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