RPisPLC Hardware setup

Hardware setup

You must connect at least one portexpander module (with a pca9555) on the Raspberry Pi board!

How to connect the hardware to the Raspberry Pi B+ board.

Picture Hardware Connections

Raspberry Pi Connection

Raspberry Pi B + used sockets.

RPisPLC GNUBLIN Portexpander

GNUBLIN Portexpander

Simply get more input and output pins per port expander. Up to 16 GPIO pins per additional port expander. Up to 7 port expander per Rapspberry Pi configuration.

Picture Raspberry Pi Gnublin portexpander

Datasheet: PCA9555



GNUBLIN module-ADC provides 8 analog inputs (8-bit resolution). The GNUBLIN modules ADC is used to measure voltages. The modules can be easily connected via the Gnublin connector.

Datasheet: ADS7830

RPisPLC GNUBLIN Module-Bridge

GNUBLIN Module-Bridge

The GNUBLIN modules-bridge enables the GNUBLIN to connect several modules simultaneously.

Picture Raspberry Pi with Bridge-Module


RPisPLC Rapsberry Pi a simple PLC

Raspberry Pi (Model B + V1.2) simple PLC usable for home automation

An attempt to implement a simple PLC into a Raspberry Pi single-board computer.

Ladder Diagram running light example: ldr.hlp.running.light.mp4
RPIPLC HW running light example: rpi.running.light.mp4

Test results

Example 1: press one switch (input) and 24 LEDs (outputs) light up.
Download onetoall.dg and open it with the Ladder diagram editor.
Click on Simulation state in the menu Project.
In the simulation window check the input 2.0 checkbox. This set outputs 0.0 - 2.7 high.
Build the ladder diagram and download it to the Gnublin board. Click on Start in the menu PLC.

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