hello, great project, but I didn^t found any ladder examples. If i understand the structure , the ladder can only drive one plc , have you in mid to drive several plcs ? thanks patrick

Dave Nardella



ToDo List

  1. PLµX Ladder Diagram Editor
    1. Implement timers and counters. 2013-07-02 ✓
    2. Implement Clock function. 2013-07-27 ✓
    3. Implement online function.
  2. PLµX software for gnublin board
    1. Test I/O interface. 2013-06-16 ✓
    2. Implement timers and counters. 2013-07-02 ✓
    3. Implement Clock function. 2013-07-27 ✓
  3. Gnublin board
    1. Create test I/O (Leds - Buttons) interface. 2013-06-16 ✓
    2. Start to create a universial 24 Volt - 8bit I/O interface card (PCB).
  4. Add analog inputs.


    PluX Known Issues

    PLµX was killed by the oom-killer



    Ladder Diagram Examples

    Ladder Diagram examples


    Analog converter example

    ADC example: analog-converter-example.

    Video: potmeter.mp4.



    The .zip package contains several examples

    Test results

    Example 1: press one switch (input) and 24 LEDs (outputs) light up.
    Download onetoall.dg and open it with the Ladder diagram editor.
    Click on Simulation state in the menu Project.
    In the simulation window check the input 2.0 checkbox. This set outputs 0.0 - 2.7 high.
    Build the ladder diagram and download it to the Gnublin board. Click on Start in the menu PLC.

    DCI Projects

    Information about my projects.

    Projects designed and build (2001-2015).

    1. RPisPLC: Create a simple Raspberry Pi PLC.
    2. DCIPLC: Is actually a program that replaces the CPU module of a PLC, and within which control programs can be developed and modified (2002).
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