Embedded Linux

Test results

Example 1: press one switch (input) and 24 LEDs (outputs) light up.
Download onetoall.dg and open it with the Ladder diagram editor.
Click on Simulation state in the menu Project.
In the simulation window check the input 2.0 checkbox. This set outputs 0.0 - 2.7 high.
Build the ladder diagram and download it to the Gnublin board. Click on Start in the menu PLC.

Raspberry and I2C Interface

Raspberry and I2C Interface

For coupling the embedded Linux board to various types of devices, relays and sensors an expansion board is needed. Here you can find more information on how to do this.

I2C interface

With two wires it possible to address up to 1136 members. I2C is a synchronous bidirectional communication system that allows devices to transfer data using only two wires: a bidirectional data line (SDA) and a clock line (SCL).
Max clock rate: 400kHz.
The I/O board contains a PCA9555.

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