RPIPLC Versions

RPIPLC Version Information

Version information about DCIPLC and RPi operating system.


2015-09-21: Reducing Raspbian File System Image Size

Removing the desktop environment:

sudo apt-get remove --purge x11-common
sudo apt-get autoremove    

sudo apt-get purge build-essential
sudo apt-get autoremove
sudo apt-get clean

RPI system information

Finding Raspberry Pi System information



RPisPLC Hardware setup

Hardware setup

You must connect at least one portexpander module (with a pca9555) on the Raspberry Pi board!

How to connect the hardware to the Raspberry Pi B+ board.

Picture Hardware Connections

Raspberry Pi Connection

Raspberry Pi B + used sockets.

RPisPLC Digital 24Volt interface

Digital Input/ Output interface card

Digital Input/ Output interface card with 8 inputs 24 V DC and 8 outputs 24 V DC; 0.5 A galvanically isolated, and with LED status indicators.

Digital input/ output modules permit connection of the RPI board to digital signals of the process and the output of digital signals from the RPI board to the process.


The Menu Bar

The Menu Bar


The File Menu

These are actions concerned with input and output and the overall management of a Ladder Diagram.

More ...

The Edit Menu

This menu provides support for selecting elements on the editing pane.

More ...

The Toolbar

The Toolbar


The Toolbars provide quick access to many functions in the editor. In some cases the functions provided by a toolbar are available only through that toolbar. All Toolbars are enabled. These buttons have identical functions as their counterparts in the menu.

Ladder Diagram Tutorial

A Ladder Diagram tutorial


User Manual

RPiLDR Ladder Diagram Editor User Manual


A tutorial and reference description.

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RPiLDR RPi Ladder Diagram Editor (create, build, test, upload a ladderdiaram) for the RPiPLC hardware.

Ladder Diagram Editor

RPiLDE Raspberry Pi Ladder Diagram Editor

Create, test and build a Ladder Diagram with the RPiLDE software.

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