Digital input

RPIPLC Input/Output example

Raspberry Pi PLC an simple I/O example



This guide will show you how to create and run the input / output example on the Raspberry Pi board.    

RPisPLC GNUBLIN Portexpander

GNUBLIN Portexpander

Simply get more input and output pins per port expander. Up to 16 GPIO pins per additional port expander. Up to 7 port expander per Rapspberry Pi configuration.

Picture Raspberry Pi Gnublin portexpander

Datasheet: PCA9555

RPisPLC Digital 24Volt interface

Digital Input/ Output interface card

Digital Input/ Output interface card with 8 inputs 24 V DC and 8 outputs 24 V DC; 0.5 A galvanically isolated, and with LED status indicators.

Digital input/ output modules permit connection of the RPI board to digital signals of the process and the output of digital signals from the RPI board to the process.


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