RPisPLC GNUBLIN Module-Bridge

GNUBLIN Module-Bridge

The GNUBLIN modules-bridge enables the GNUBLIN to connect several modules simultaneously.

Picture Raspberry Pi with Bridge-Module


Ribbon cable adapter to GNUBLIN Module-Bridge

The Raspberry Pi is a 3.3V device
The GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi are unprotected. So miswiring or an overcharge could damage your RPi!

RPi Adapter to gnublin

- - - - - - RPI GNUBLIN
Ribbon Addapter Cable
Black Ground PIN6 PIN14
Red 3.3 Volt PIN1 PIN13
Fuchsia I2C SCL PIN5 PIN5


Or use the GNUBLIN Module-GnuPi

The adapter board is connected directly to the RaspberryPi. On the board there are 5 more connection options for modules. Modules are simply connected via a ribbon cable.

Picture RPi with Gnublin module GnuPi


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