Ladder Diagram Editor

RPiLDE Raspberry Pi Ladder Diagram Editor

Create, test and build a Ladder Diagram with the RPiLDE software.

The Ladder Diagram Editor is designed to allow you to easily prepare a PLC program by simply placing blocks. Ladder logic diagrams, which are in many ways similar to relay logic diagrams, are frequently used to graphically generate programs. When putting together a ladder logic diagram, you should always bear in mind that the symbols in the diagram represent instructions rather than physical contacts. When the instructions in the program are executed, the states of the inputs are monitored. Depending on these states, various outputs are set either High or Low.

All functionality of the ladder diagram editor is available only under ubuntu. Other Linux distributions have not been tested.

With the Windows operating system, it is not possible to benefit from the on line features. Windows users can use a popular program named PuTTY to interact with the Raspberry Pi PLC.


When generating a program, it is a good idea to work from left to right and to only start a new row after the current row has been completed.
The second point is also necessary because the program checks for empty rows.
You should also make a habit of always assigning a particular output only once when generating a PLC program. If the same output is used more than once in a program, this output will be assigned the state that it receives in the last row in which it is located!

Ladder Diagram Editor: User Manual.

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