The File Menu

The File Menu


The File Menu provides commands for creating, opening and saving a Ladder Diagram project.

  1.  New
  2.  Open
  3.  Save
  4.  Save As
  5.  Exit


New File New

Shortcut: Ctrl-N.
Click on New in the File menu.

This initializes a new Ladder Diagram within PLµX. The project is created without a name.


Menu Open Open

Shortcut: Ctrl-O.
Click on Open in the File menu.

This opens an existing Ladder Diagram from a file. Selecting this menu option will open a file selection dialog.
The main body of the dialog is a text area with a listing of all directories and files in the currently selected directory which match the filter (*.dg).
Navigating in the directory tree is possible by selecting a directory in the drop down selector at the top of this dialog. Navigating deeper in the tree may be done by double clicking button 1 on the directory shown in the main text area.


Img_plµx_help Save

Shortcut: Ctrl-S.
Click on Save in the File menu.

This saves the Ladder Diagram using its current file name. Use Save As... to save the Ladder Diagram to a different file. If no filename is given yet (e.g. after New), then this function works exactly as Save As.


Img_plµx_help Save As

Shortcut: Ctrl-A.
Click on Save As in the File menu.

This opens a dialog allowing you to save the Ladder Diagram under a different file name (or to specify a file name for the first time if the Ladder Diagram is a new diagram).
The dialog box is almost identical to that for Open File. The extension of the filename is automatically set.


Img_plµx_help Exit

Shortcut: Ctrl-X, ALT-F4.
Click on Exit in the File menu.

This closes down PLµX Ladder Diagram Editor. A warning message will pop-up if you have a Ladder Diagram open with unsaved changes asking if you wish to save it. The options are:

  1. Yes (save the file and exit).
  2. No (do not save the file, but still exit).
  3. The dialog box can also be closed by clicking in the close button in the window border. The effect is the same as selecting "No".


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