DCI Projects

Information about my projects.

Projects designed and build (2001-2015).

  1. RPisPLC: Create a simple Raspberry Pi PLC.
  2. DCIPLC: Is actually a program that replaces the CPU module of a PLC, and within which control programs can be developed and modified (2002).
  3. DCIBUS: The backbone of the system is a complete serial bus that uses its own protocol. Data is sent to and received from a maximum of 64 terminals over long distances using an RS485 interface (2002).



Hi I am bill lee from Taiwan. I like your project for raspberry. I have a question,May be you can help me. I have found this http://pigeoncomputers.com/. Could i run your RPisPLC in RB100 to access their I/O ? Bye

I have no knowledge of the RB100 system. It must be written first the necessary software to communicate with RB100. Maybe I'll put in the future, all born code of the project to my website.

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